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From done-for-you services that take overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs to streamlined and systemized to 1:1 intensives that will help you do the right things instead of all.the.things there are lots of ways we can work together! 

I'm Lauren, the brains behind the operations for so many of your favorite entrepreneurs. I happen to be obsessed with helping business owners build sustainable and scaleable businesses through smarter systems. As a Certified OBM and systems expert I help business owners go from doer to CEO and make their thriving online business dreams and reality.  

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coming soon!

"After nearly two years of working together, I can tell you, hiring Lauren was the best decision I could have made. She’s a wonderful writer, communicator, organizer, strategist, and beyond. From email list building and blog writing to digital product creation and quarterly brainstorming… she’s a Jill of all trades, and I can trust her with absolutely anything."

—Jules Acree—


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Notion for Business

A better way to manage your operations, build your systems and boost your business is coming. Notion is one of my go-to and game changing (like all-time hall of fame) solutions for content, operations, systems, productivity and so much more... 

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Online Business Management, systems and automation so Creative Entrepreneurs can thrive in business and in life.